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Have you taken a look at the electricity bill for your business or plant recently? About a third of the cost likely comes from lighting. The good news is that CED/Raybro, can help you reduce those costs by nearly 50% with more energy efficient fixtures that produce better quality light.


Our staff can perform an on-site evaluation and also provide recommendations on optimizing your lighting.
Explore our tips on steps you can take today as well as other lighting, including lighting controls.

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Other benefits for improving lighting systems include:
√ Reducing demand on HVAC systems by cutting down on waste heat produced by inefficient lighting fixtures.
√ Improving productivity by adjusting light to optimal levels in different workspaces.


First Steps For Energy Efficient Lighting

Turn off lights:
√ When space is not occupied
√ When you are away from your space
√ When daylight is sufficient
√ In off-hours such as nights and weekends
√ On the exterior during the day
√ Use automatic controls to turn off lights when a space is not occupied. Savings can cover the system cost in as little as a year.
√ Establish lighting level standards, including reducing levels where appropriate. Different work areas have different lighting needs. You can save energy by matching lighting to those needs.
√ Use energy-efficient exit signs. Switching from incandescent lights to LEDs or radium strips can reduce electricity use by up to 90 percent.

Energy-Efficient Lighting Technologies

Turning off lights and other energy-saving tips will gain you some efficiency, but older, outdated lighting simply uses more power than newer, more efficient technologies. Here are some options to consider;

LED lighting:

Highly efficient and long-lasting light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have illuminated buttons on stereos and computers for years. New, higher-powered LEDs can replace a broad range of standard lighting fixtures, while reducing energy consumption by up to 90 percent and lasting 10 times longer.

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